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Information: a Baltimore area guy that has many hobbies, and likes to get his hands dirty. He likes to draw, paint, play, sculpt, and watch movies. Also he likes to get amped up on Mountain Dew and run around flailing his arms. He enjoys watching streams on Twitch TV and videos on youtube on how to fix random home appliances, and funny cat/puppy/baby videos.

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Random Blog - This blog is going to be the place where I can make updates about various topics, things going on in my life, links to neat things, or reviews for entertainment or software. My old blog got hacked by Japanese Hacker Bots ;_; I was able to recover the information but I have not taken the time to transfer it over.

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Art Work Journal - This is a blog where I can post my creative endeavors. I enjoy doing 3d low poly modeling, experimenting with Zbrush, sketching in Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, and also pixel art. Sometimes I even scan in some stuff I scribbled on good old fashioned paper.

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Old Art Portolio - This was a website I whipped up in 2006 to feature some video game graphics and paintings I had done. I was looking to break into the video game industry and was able to get an offer to work on cell phone games but turned it down. Maybe I will get back into it some time in the future.

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Movie & TV Reviews - Here is a place where I can keep track of movies or TV shows I see and rate them out of 10. I will try to write a few thoughts about each, but keep it limited to a couple sentences. I do enjoy going to see movies at the theater but only do so if I am really excited for a new movie. I also try to avoid seeing anything in 3d. I enjoy HBO shows and comedies.

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Web Designs - This is a gallery of some old web site designs I did back in the day. In high school, I began designing websites as a way to make some spending money. I was able to teach myself how to program and got my foot in the door for my first job out of college. I recommend that if you want learn web design, teach yourself!

MTG Alters

MTG Alters - Magic: The Gathering is a collectible trading card game that I learned how to play way back in summer camp of '94. The game is still going strong and there are packed game shops in my area. Recently I picked up the game again, and learned that players are eager to get customized cards. I started painting on top of them with acrylic.




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